Fligthcase Kits Upgrade Ideas

Been looking at prices and equipment to upgrade the main streaming service to be 1080p capable.

Here is an unordered list of stuff to look into:

What Why Price (DKK) Comments
DeckLink Duo 2 Dual 1080p60 SDI Input ~3300  PCi Express 4 card (4/8 compatible)
ATEM Prod Studio 4K  Switcher ~11K 4 HDMI, 4 SDI, AUX Out, Multi SDI HDMI, HD SDI, SDI, HDMI out
ATEM Studio Conv Fibre to SDI ~13K 4 Single mode, SDI, Stero XLR
ATEM Cam Conv Camera to Fibre  ~3900 SDI, HDMI, Jack L+R, Balanced audio In
UltraStudio HD Mini  Travel kit ~3300 1 SDI in, 1080p60, ThunderBolt 3
OBS ! Cam converter op til 1080p60

Started thinking about what we actually have/want/need

  • 3 SDI In
  • 3 Fibre → SDI
  • VGA In
  • 2 HDMI In
  • XLR Mono In
  • 3 SDI Out for local Monitors

Replacement Flightcase Kits Ideas

I/O of a streaming kit

    • 2 Cameras
    • 1 PC
    • Audio in (XLR/Mini Jack)
    • RTMP
    • Preview
    • Multiview/Program View

To update further a graphics generator with own input could be one upgrade path. That would require a fourth input with support for alpha channel/chroma keying. Would give access to titling, subtitling, speaker information, intermission animated graphics like socialmedia text and graphics.

Another option with a fourth input would be an audience camera, preferably PTZ with independent controller and preview monitor.

A single room kit should take up no more than 3-4U in a portable flight case or be non-rack components that take up even less space during transportation, giving the freedom of flexibility with the cost of setup time and complexity.

One such fully flexible option is the ATEM Mini1) with a streaming laptop. A computer with the ATEM Software Control is needed to run a stream with the ATEM Mini anyway as the preset PIP buttons gives a 0.20 size images in one of the four corners and for our use that is too small. To accommodate our usual camera focus and stability in the image it needs to be at least 0.3-0.4, also having speaker big and slides small renders presentation unreadable.

Other options includes ATEM Television Studio HD2) and ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. The first based on software control, the second on hardware. However both of them does not have the “webcam” feature of the Mini, where the box can provide video input to any computer. So it would require additional hardware to get the video output streamed. What they do provide is a Multiview built in. With a Television Studio HD you could use an iPad (Mini) connected to the ATEM Network with the Strata Lite/Pro app ($10/$90), old review video: YouTube

Another solution to look into (and get a price for) is the Sony MCX-5003). It has RTMP streaming built in (up to 1080P @ 9Mbit/s), local recording to SD card 4 channels in (2 SDI, 2 SDI/HDMI) and 2 separate XLR based audio channels.

The Epiphan Pearl Mini4) is another all in one solution with even a built in touchscreen for producing as well as preview. It does only have 3 channels, 2 HDMI and one 3G SDI. 2 XLR/6.5mm jack and RCA Stereo audio in. And can be remote controlled by using a tablet, PC, or mobile phone. The Pearl Mini can further more save the produced video to USB 3 memory stick. Integration with Panopto and Kaltura out of the box. It would also seem to be able to run 3 different streaming channels up to 1080P30 at 8Mbit/s simultaneously. Test model is ordered, not received.

The Strata Apps gives the option of using other ATEM switching hardware, but having a touchscreen for producing the live stream instead of having to use mouse/keyboard on a computer. Links to the Apps: Strata Lite - Strata Pro

Strata View is a free app for monitoring the ATEM state and doubles as a Tally light.

ATEM Production Studio 4K 12.300 kr.


Ghe Blackmagic Design list prices are available for consideration. Everything else not so much.

Product Price Comment
ATEM Mini DKK 2200 Need a computer for streaming and PIP control
ATEM television studio HD  DKK 7150  Needs computer for complete software control and streaming
ATEM television studio Pro HD  DKK 16500  Needs computer for streaming
ATEM Production Studio 4K  DKK 12300  Needs controller
Sony MCX-500  UNKNOWN  Stand-alone unit with recording, streaming and 4 channel mix
Pearl Mini UNKNOWN  Stand-alone unit with recording, streaming and preview screen built in

Update 2019-12-03

So I found this triple monitor in 2U 19“ Rack while looking for cheap ideas for preview/program/multiview solutions:AliExpress Link.

And it started me thinking along the lines of portable rack setup, with monitor + switcher in maybe 3U. Started looking and found this or maybe even this and then maybe with a Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD.

Product Price Comment
ATEM Television Studio HD $995 Needs controller
Teranex Mini Rack Shelf $85 For TV Studio
Thomann Rack Case 3U €58
Thomann Rack Case 3U Shallow €52

Update #2

Injection Molded 4U Studio Flyer Rack Case

A Flightcase with 2-3U Monitor(s) and a pull-out shelf on the front for controller/laptop, possibly a ATEM Television Studio HD or ATEM Mini.
Powerrail (1U), Ethernet Switch (1U), HDMI/SDI/XLR connecter (1U) on the back.
And a laptop for streaming.

Maybe put in a micro computer for graphics generation, stills, break slides, thirds.

Fås hos flightcases.dk 3.574 DKK - eks. moms 2.859 DKK

Findes også i en anden udgave Studio Flyer and laptop combo 3.225 DKK - eks. moms 2.580 DKK.

Update #3

Maybe skip the rackmount stuff and go for flightcase with

  • laptop
  • ATEM Mini
  • 2 cams
  • 2 tripods (one ultra light, one steerable)
  • powerrail
  • cables
  • 3 BMD Video Assist (one as Preview monitor from ATEM Mini).

And live without multiview, use OBS or whatever streaming software as Program view. Could still add micro computer for graphics at some point in time.

Will this fit in a 1650 Pelicase ?