Flightcase kits

The 3 Flightcase kits are made to be versatile and contain the same hardware.

As much as possible is built into the large blue wooden flightcases. On the back there are connectors for Audio (XLR), Audio and Video (HDMI,SDI, SDI over Fibre), Video (VGA) and power for the box.

The monitors are built into to front lid and connectors for power and SDI is coming out of the back. The 3 outputs are ATEM Harddisk recorder view (Production), MacPRO and Multiview from the ATEM Switcher.
The front contains (from the top)

  • ATEM Disk recorder
  • Pullout shelf with keyboard and mouse
  • Audio mixer
  • ATEM Studio Converter (SDI over Fibre to SDI)
  • ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher
    • On top of the Mac PRO shelf behind the cables the Atlona VGA to HDMI converter is visible.
  • Mac PRO

FlightCaseFront Rear

Needs converting to the new Sony RX10 Mk III cameras with BlackMagic Video Assist 4K.
Possibly with a MacBook PRO and Thunderbolt 3 expansion and new cards (1080P or 4K capable) or Thunderbolt 3 quad SDI input of some type.
The SDI output are rarely used if ever.