360 Video with Kaltura

In order to use 360 video on Kaltura there is a few things needed.

  • Content
  • Configured Kaltura Player

360 Video shot with a dual Kodak PixPro 4K setup and stiched in software. Align Center From what we have experienced you shouldn't shoot 360 video by hand unless you're using a handheld gimbal stabiliser.

The player is configured by the KMC admin to activate the 360 plugin:

KMC -> Studio -> "Player name" -> Plugins -> 360 videos: Enable

For the entry itself a tag of “360” will activate the 360 interface in the player.

KMC -> content -> Entry -> Tag: "360"

Supported Devices:

  • Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE11 on Windows 8 and up
  • Firefox on Windows 8.1 and up
  • Chrome on Android 4.3 and up
  • Chrome on Mac 10.11