Firewall Configuration For Zoom Rooms

If your Zoom Rooms iPad controller and Zoom Rooms are on the same WiFi network but are still unable to connect with each other upon logging in, please check the following on your WiFi router or firewall:

Protocol: TCP Port: 9090 ZR iPad to ZR Protocol: UDP Port: 3478, 3479, 8801 ZR to Cloud Protocol: TCP Port: 8801, 8802, 443 ZR to Cloud If your Zoom Rooms iPad controller reports that it is unable to connect to the address on Zoom Rooms, it is likely related to proxy settings. You can perform one of the following:

Enter the correct proxy settings on the Zoom Rooms PC/ Mac , or Configure the proxy server to bypass the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac, or Check other firewall, web filter, proxy server on the desktop or network If your Cisco/Meraki WiFi router does not permit “hairpinning” to allow the Zoom Rooms iPad controller to access Zoom Rooms, please see Meraki Dokumentation to disable Client Isolation.


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